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    Centre for Translation Studies
    Centre for Translation Studies

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    Use of corpora in translation studies

    Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds, develops and hosts a range of large representative corpora in a variety of languages (including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Polish and Russian). Some corpora are available in-house only (because of copyright restrictions), while others can be accessed freely. The list of all corpora is available from game bài casino. intellitext


    Intellitext is a recent project funded by AHRC. It produced a versatile and intuitive interface offering a simple step-by-step approach to performing a corpus search. First-time and inexperienced corpus users can use the IntelliText Search Builder and Part-of-Speech Editor to build multi-word phrases and add grammatical information to their corpus queries – without having to enter complex string codes. Users may choose from seven search options: Click here for the Intellitext interface

    Click here to enter the corpus. Please, send your comments, suggestions and criticisms to Serge Sharoff, s.sharoff.

    Click here to see the list of other available corpora. Notice on privacy & cookies